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How Crossfit Changed My Life: The Power Of The Crossfit Community

How Crossfit Changed My Life: The Power Of The Crossfit Community

#swolefit | Oct 29, 2017 | 0 comments
  • Walter Hinchman

Have you ever longed for a supportive community or environment to attain a healthy lifestyle? The Crossfit sense of community is exceptional, there’s always someone to assist with technique, everybody recognizes one another, discuss competitions and you can compare Workout of the Day outcomes. However, all this does not happen in normal gyms, no one communicates to one another except if it’s important. At Crossfit you know life stories, names, you know the people, and they are yours.

Why This Community is Important

Global Relations

When you join the CrossFit community, you're not only joining a gym or a workout program; you're joining a community of individuals that have common aims. You can find people from different countries doing the same thing as you. The distinctive thing about CrossFit is that it’s free. You’ll find the Workout of the Day, also known as "WOD." Anybody from anyplace can perform this workout.

Providing the chance to reach elite fitness is one of CrossFit's fundamental objectives. CrossFit is unrestricted, and the only way to transform this world into a fit community is by allowing everyone to join. When joining the CrossFit community, you’re joining thousands of people that have one objective, to become better. Not just better CrossFitters, but better police officers, lawyers, friends, firefighters, parents and much more.

Social Support

The CrossFit community continually offers support. How regularly have you motivated others that have not completed the Work out of the day yet or even been praised on yourself? Regularly people wait after they have completed their workout to offer verbal and moral support to another CrossFitter who is finishing a qualifier for competitions. The significance of social support is that it offers enthusiasm. CrossFitters always come together when facing tough workouts; they motivate each other to perform better and faster than ever before. The support of the CrossFit community even affects us physiologically, changing the hormones in our bodies.

You Can Do It

When anyone is tired and is struggling to finish a workout, they start to doubt their ability to finish, having people motivate them gives them the confidence that they can do it! The best thing about CrossFit is that it’s for every level. Whether you’re a professional athlete or you have never lifted a weight in your life, CrossFit will make you better. If you choose to join a CrossFit gym, a coach will always be there to train you. The coach will perfect your movements and ensure you have the right form for ideal safety and performance. You’ll find yourself surrounded by a crowd that will applaud the last person to finish just as hard as the first.

No Ego

Naturally, CrossFit does not allow egos. The workouts always win. The only thing you can develop on is how seriously it affects you. When you work hard, you earn respect. This is what makes people stronger, not a big chest. It doesn’t matter what you are capable of or who you are. Hard work is hard work. There is no opportunity for egos in a CrossFit box.

Because of this, CrossFit has the exceptional ability to make a trainee athlete better as well as the elite athlete. Any conditioning and strength gym will get an athlete in shape. If you can boast about either a high 4's or a low 4's mile bench press you could also be a lot fitter.

Social Freedom

What makes CrossFit community special is because it’s full of individuals who think it’s satisfactory to train as hard as you want and give an all-out effort. In a regular gym, you’ll see some funny looks as you jump on and off the rower when you carry out a 2k row with 20 air squats EMOM. Particularly, when you collapse to the floor subsequently after trying to guzzle in the air for five minutes after you finish your workout.

At CrossFit, the community encourages and welcomes you to test your capability to go all out! You can grunt and scream as you lift heavy weights, you can laugh at catastrophes and even cry with frustration. This is an exceptional community filled with amazing people who will try and assist you in achieving your fitness goals.

It’s a distinctive thing that CrossFit can progress by receiving new members and making them know that they are acknowledged as a member of the international family. Working out within CrossFit community helps us to feel better and serve as encouragement to drive ourselves to new limits that we never think were possible.

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  • Walter Hinchman

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