5 Proven Ways To Acquire New Box Members

You love what you do. Your box is full of like-minded individuals looking to be an integral part of your community while increasing their overall health, wellness, and fitness. You designate a few coaches to write your programming, you upkeep a small retail area in the front, you pour your heart and soul into your box and love every bit of it. Customers are walking through the door every single day… or are they? Acquiring new members isn’t always easy, and without a little work, often doesn’t just happen on its own. At the end of the day, one of the most vital aspects of your business is what? That’s right… members. Without them, you don’t really have a whole lot.

In this article, you will learn 5 new ways to acquire new members in 2019.

Know Your Members

You know just how important community is and you have an opportunity to not only create it, but manage it, and create an environment upon which new members will fit right in, or will they?

Ask yourself a few simple questions to get started such as:
What area is your box in? Are you near a corporate park, between neighborhoods, nearby an airport, or even a college? Are your members competitive, willing to dedicate hours on end to their training, or are your members looking to drop into an hour between kids and work?

It’s important to understand your area because it will tell you who’s most likely to walk through your doors. Start by taking a look at your existing clients, people who already believe and support your services and goals. In doing so, you’ll start to build your target client which will help you customize your services. Then, start to idealize who you’d like to join your box. If your demographic leans more towards masters athletes, quite possibly you might want to target college-age adults or even children, to start incorporating CrossFit Kids programs.

Once you begin to understand who makes up your current member base and what you’d like to attract, you’ll be able to market towards them in an effort to acquire their membership at your box. 


Referrals from Members

Who loves your box just as much as you? Your members, duh! Without saying, referrals from a member to a potential member is going to be one of the most valuable marketing tools you can take advantage of. If you helped Sally successfully lose 15lbs and achieve consistent PRs, most likely she’s going to want to refer a friend, so you can help them do the same thing.

How can you make the most of this opportunity? Incentivize her. Make it worth her time to go out and compel another individual in her outside community to come to join yours. Will they get a tank top, or a free product, or 10% off the following month, every time they refer? Come up with a few ideas and test them. Share the opportunity with them, spend time with them, and the next thing you know there are going to be some new faces at your front desk asking how they can join.

Website Optimization & Google Business

In 2018, nothing is worse than a poorly designed and uninformative website. Yuck! Optimizing your site means making your site as search engine friendly as possible. If it doesn’t clearly have your drop-in policy, rates, and class times, then your inbound/online marketing activity isn’t very effective, now is it?

Do you have high-quality images of the inside of your box? How about your coach profiles, are they personable and welcoming? Do you have a way to chat or get in contact? How about a phone number or email? Lastly, what does your website look like on a mobile device? If someone can’t scroll through your photos with ease and you're your hamburger menu, they’re going to bounce. Every little opportunity you have to make a complete stranger comfortable and welcome in your box, do it.

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If I were to go Google “CrossFit Gym in ____” would your gym come up? If not, that means you’re not registered on Google’s Local Business Listing. This is worth your time! Sure, being a registered and verified business on here get you listed on Google, but guess what else it does? It puts your business on the map, LITERALLY! Listing your business here get’s you on Google’s map, so when I go and search for your box when I’m looking for a new one, yours is one that I consider.

Host a Nutritional Challenge

How fun is it to come together for an event within your box? Nutritional challenges are not only a great way to retain members, but to welcome new ones in with open arms. Challenges, nutritional or performance-based, aren’t as hard and as work intensive as they seem.

How do challenges help you get new members? Well, going back to the idea of member referrals, have them invite a friend to do the ‘New Year Weight Loss Challenge’ with them. Have them sign up for a limited, one-month membership (non-existing members) to get them in the door and see what the hype is all about. Help them, and in turn, they’re going to help you, by coming back.

Free Trials & Streamlined Acquisition Process

You can’t get without giving, it’s just a good rule of thumb. Potential members are more likely to join your gym if you don’t gouge them on the first date. Once you get them in the box, this is your time to shine. Think about it from the start. Are they greeted at the door? Are they given an intake form or were they supposed to call and set it up beforehand? Is the new individual shown around the gym and directed towards the amenities? Do your fellow members talk to them and make them feel comfortable?

Crossfit Corydon - CrossFit Free Trial - Swolverine

After class, who talks to them? Are they asked to sign up or come back for a class? Regardless of whether or not they’re just visiting from out of town or looking for a long-term commitment, you want to give, to get. If you want them to become a member, have them do a free trial week. If you aren’t ever going to see them again, ask them to write you a review online or in person.

If you know that they’re looking for a coaching opportunity, have them come back and shadow a coach so you can see what they’re like in action. You don't have to have a general ‘free week to all’ plastered on your website, but understanding that there is a reward with every new meeting will benefit you in the long run. 

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