Selina Paupert - Swolverine Athlete - Wodapalooza

Tell us a little about you…

I’m a crazy dog mom.  I love anything and everything outdoors and fitness related.  For four years, I worked as a public health advocate to create a healthier state for Michigan residents.  I’m currently a personal trainer and will begin pursuing my Doctorate of Physical Therapy at the University of Michigan-Flint this fall.  I train at CrossFit Shift in Lansing, MI.    

What are some of your athletic accolades?

I started CrossFit in 2013 and didn’t really begin training competitively until 2017.  I missed Regionals in 2018 by two spots, which was devastating at the time, but I think it served as motivation throughout the next year and ultimately led to massive improvements in my training.  I competed at Wodapalooza earlier this year and will be competing on a team of four at the Granite Games in a couple of weeks.  Prior to my CrossFit days, I was a distance runner and completed eight marathons and nine ultramarathons, including two fifty-mile races.  I was much faster back then. 

Selina Paupert - Swolverine AthleteAs an accomplished professional, what type of advicedo you have for people looking to balance training and their busy lifestyle? How do you keep fitness such a high priority?

Balancing life and training can be tough.  I think the best advice I can give to someone struggling with striking that balance is to manage your time well and focus on what you can control.  Be fully present whether you’re at work, school, or training.  Create goals for each area of life and put in the work needed each day to get you one step closer to them.  Fitness has always been a priority for me; I believe it’s the foundation of living a truly healthy and happy life. 


Tell us the best piece of advice you can give someone looking to get into CF?

You get what you put into it.  CrossFit has given me so much, and not just in terms of physical health and strength.  It’s made me way more confident in all aspects of life and has allowed me to meet some of my best friends.  Keep setting goals for yourself and then set new goals and you crush them.  Just enjoy the journey and be grateful you’re on it. 

What’s a lasting impact that you wish to leave in your footsteps?

I want to inspire other athletes to chase their dreams, whatever they may be.  When I started CrossFit, I couldn’t do a pull-up, and now I get to compete alongside some of the best athletes in the sport.  It’s honestly a dream come true.  I hope I can serve as an example of what honesty, hard work and dedication can accomplish.    

Credit: @Selina Paupert

What do you like to do outside of the box? 

I love all things outdoors: hiking, kayaking, trail running.  Honestly, I’ve been balancing work and school for such a long time, most of my time outside of the box is doing some type of school-related activity. 

Why do you choose to fuel with Swolverine?

Swolverine’s values align with my personal beliefs both in and out of the gym.  I respect the brand’s commitment to hard work and transparency in optimizing athletic potential.

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