Rachel Thibodeaux

Tell us a little about you...

I live in Mobile, Alabama where I have my own personal training business. I love all things health & fitness!

Where did your fitness journey start?How did you get into your sport?

I played sports from a very early age so was always competitive. I really loved the weight room aspect and just training for sport in general. When college came, I wanted to continue that competitive edge and found CrossFit! I haven’t stopped since!

Tell us about your accolades

  • 2017 & 2018 Mid Atlantic CrossFit Challenge Team
  • 2019 Fittest Female In Alabama
  • 2020 Semifinals 2021 (West Coast Classic)

What is your favorite part about your sport?

I love how crossfit is always evolving. There is always something to get better at, and there’s always someone better than you. I also love how it incorporates all aspects of fitness… running, lifting, gymnastics. The most well rounded and fun sport if you ask me :)

What would people be surprised to know about you?

I love to read!

Do you currently coach in your sport and/or own a fitness facility?

I used to coach crossfit but have moved more towards the personal training side of things now with the general population and I love it. I do have a few competitive crossfit athletes that I coach individually.

Do you have a favorite dessert or cheat meal?

I love anything peanut butter… so Reese’s :) or a warm cookie/brownie with ice cream!

What’s been your most memorable time so far as an athlete? 

Competing in Las Vegas at West Coast Classic this past year! Having the opportunity to be on the same floor as some of the top athletes in the world was awesome & so fun!

What have been some trying times in your athletic career (or life) and what have they taught you?

I was supposed to compete at Mid Atlantic after qualifying for the first time as an individual in March 2020, but when Covid hit that obviously changed. I was definitely disappointed, but knew the timing just wasn’t right. I believe God has a plan in every season and I trusted that. I know that all my gifts comes from Him, and I want to do my best to honor him through those.

What does your diet/nutrition look like?

Any advice to others on things that you''ve had to learn the hard way in this are of your health and fitness? : I’m pretty strict with my diet especially leading up to competition. I try to be flexible in between but it’s such a habit for me now that it’s easy to stay on track. I know what makes me feel my best and I love what I eat so I’m pretty routine when it comes down to it. I’d say nutrition is definitely a trial and error. I’d recommend working with a professional and really educating yourself about nutrition and what works best for you individually.

Do you follow specific training program(s)? How do you prioritize your training over other aspects of life to reach this level of competitiveness?

I currently follow PRVN compete program. I recently started doing that after I competed at semifinals. Before that, I had a coach from South Carolina who wrote my workouts for me. So far, I’ve really enjoyed PRVN and the purpose behind their training. It has definitely been a challenge to find a healthy balance when training at this level. I am super blessed to have a job that allows the flexibility and time to put in the work I desire. Having people who support your goals is obviously very helpful too!

What’s the biggest piece of advice that you’ve been given, that’s made an impact on you as an individual?

Never stop showing up! Life is going to come with so many ups and downs. It’s easy to get off track. Have a goal. Know your why. Remind yourself of that daily. Our bodies are a temple and we are meant to steward them well.

What are some of your goals for yourself in the sport?

I’d really love to compete at another semifinal this year. Going to the games is the biggest goal! I’d be happy to do that with a team or as an individual.

Why do you choose to partner with Swolverine?

I’ve heard so many great things about Swolverine. I love the purpose behind the brand and the clean products they provide. They care for the athlete and want to give the best possible product!

What are your favorite products to use from Swolverine?

The whey protein, creatine, and BCAAs. All so good!


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