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Patricia Lara

Patricia Lara

Athlete Team | Mar 27, 2018 | 0 comments
  • Walter Hinchman

Tell us a little about you… 

My name is Patrica Lara, but I go by Paty. I’m a full-time athlete, coach and mommy to my firstborn. I originally moved to the United States from Brasilia, Brazil, in 2013. I’ve loved living in the states and it’s my forever home. I visit Brazil a lot, but the states have my heart.

Why do you choose to live a healthy lifestyle, aside from the importance as an athlete?

I choose to live a healthy lifestyle because I want to live a long and healthy life. It’s important for me to live each day at my highest potential and to feel good doing it. The quality of my life depends on the nutrients I put in my body with both my food and my supplements. Not to mention it makes me feel strong and confident to take on any challenge life throws my way.

What is your key to success with your nutrition and supplementation?

It’s not always going to be easy but when you’re honest with yourself at all times I find you’re going to be able to have the discipline to achieve your goals. Being honest aligns you on the straightest path towards your goals, and it will pay off. I, just like anyone else, struggle with avoiding temptation and overindulgences. If I don’t think it’s good for my body, I don’t do it, I don’t eat it, I don’t take it. The same can be said for my supplements. It’s important to me that I know what is in them and exactly why I take them. What are they going to do to me? Is it good or bad? That’s why I choose SWOLVERINE – they’re good for me and I know exactly what they are and what they’re going to do.

You've got some killer abs - what do you recommend to others who are trying to get like you?

Discipline. Abs aren't always about looks, but strength. I'm very strong for my stature and I work extremely hard in the box and in the kitchen to obtain my physique. Be honest with yourself and what you're putting in your body. Lift heavy, work hard, sweat lots, and in time you will cultivate the body that you dream of. But don't forget to work on the inside just as much as you work on the outside. 

What is your favorite WOD?

MURPH! Bet you don’t hear that one as a favorite a lot, do you!? I love Murph, and CrossFit all together because it makes me a more resilient and determined person. It’s an incredible thing to constantly push past your own boundaries and restrictions to rise and overcome. I believe CrossFit, no matter your fitness level, has the ability to impact everyone in this way. 

What is the best piece of advice you can give people who are new to CrossFit?

For your own safety, health and longevity, be ruthless in developing your technique(s) before pursuing heavy lifting loads and working intensely at your limits. You will develop this, but you must be patient, and must be willing to work on all of your weaknesses before they can become strengths.

What products do you recommend from SWOLVERINE?

Honestly, all of them, but so as long as they are right for you, your training, your nutrition and your goals. SWOLVERINE has something for everyone, especially crossfitters.


  • Walter Hinchman

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