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Tell us a little about you…

My name is Nicole Zapoli. I’m an entrepreneur, a natural born leader, a mother, an athlete,  coach, and a partner at CrossFit Del Mar in southern California. I aspire to be a role model for women (and men) of all ages, but most importantly for my 13-year-old daughter. I aspire to give others hope, strength, and courage toward pursuing their goals and dreams while living their strongest, healthiest, happiest lives possible which begins with me living my strongest, healthiest, happiest life possible. 

You’re a talented athlete and inspiration to many people out there. What are some of the core values that you live your life by?

There are a few strong pillars that I base my life on including:

Cheerfulness & Gratitude: I believe success begins with being grateful which is the root of joy. 

Trust & Integrity: Being rooted in trust and integrity leads to longevity in every sense of the word. 

Growth & Resilience:  I believe the best results come from overcoming obstacles and adversity. 

Teamwork:  I believe the client and coach relationship should work together as a team matching each other's efforts. 

Enjoying the journey:  I believe it is about finding joy in the process and taking pride in mastering the basics.

Are there any weekly regimens you have that keep you on track with your goals?

I meal prep each week, strive for a daily quiet time/reflection/reading/journaling, aim for 7+ hours of sleep/night on the majority, 1-2 active rest/recovery days doing fun stuff outdoors yoga/swimming/hiking/ocean time in addition to daily training. 

Why do you love CrossFit?

I did my first workout in the summer of 2009... it was the hardest workout, up to that point, that I had ever done haha... I was instantly hooked. I loved the ability to "play gymnastics" again and as an adult, the opportunity to learn new things on a daily basis while measuring progress and setting short and long-term goals within my training. The amazing community support on top of everything was something that I never expected but was pleasantly surprised about and so grateful for.

You have a very healthful diet and dedication to your health, what supplements do you take from Swolverine to fuel your performance?

I really enjoy taking BCAAs and a multivitamin every day to bridge the gaps in my nutrition. I also use Swolverine's chocolate Whey Protein Isolate because of its high protein content and taste.

You’re a female lady boss and entrepreneur, can you tell us a little more about your business endeavors?

I founded the Texan Cheer Company and NZ Fitness, I co-founded Dynamic CrossFit and KAI Athletics, and I am a partner/head of programming at CrossFit Del Mar. You can read more about those on my website,

Tell us some fun stuff about you :) Give us a little more insight on what your fitness and health journey is built upon.

By age 14 I trained at the US Olympic Training Center and was a 4-time Texas State Champion in rhythmic gymnastics, 4-time Junior Olympian, and a member of the Junior Olympic Academic Team. Thereafter I became a 3-time All American cheerleader and nominated for NCA Staff during that time. I also danced professionally for the NFL Houston Texans Cheerleaders, the NBA Houston Rockets Power Dancers, and various dance companies. 

Why have you chosen to partner with Swolverine?

I believe that being in partnership with Swolverine means joining forces to help myself and other individuals at their highest potential. They encourage me to pursue my highest dreams and aspirations, they support me as a mom, business owner, entrepreneur, coach, and athlete. Their products are transparent and honest and I believe that together we can reach a hand out to those who are looking to take their health, happiness, and performance to the next level.

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