James Sprague - Swolverine Athlete - CrossFit Games

Tell us a little about you…

My name is James Sprague and I’m a CrossFit Games (Teen Division) athlete (4th place finish in 2017). I finished only 10 points off of a top-three podium finish and it left me inspired and craving more and more from my training. I took first in three events, but I can assure you that my potential is so much greater than this finish. My dedication to the sport is something I take great pride in.

How’d you first get into CrossFit?

I got into CrossFit through my Dad who was a games athlete in 2011 and 2016! As a teen, going to the CrossFit games was truly incredible as a teen, given that it was my first year being there, I made a lot of mistakes and learned so much about my self as an athlete, is truly beyond excited to keep making my self the best I can possibly be so I can perform at my peak and get on that podium one day.

Seems like your Dad has played a pretty big role in your journey this far?

If I'm being honest I wouldn't be in Crossfit without my dad and I love training with him so much! We boost each other up and make each other better day by day 

You mention your training, can you give us a little look into your lifestyle as a CrossFit Teen?

Absolutely – it might sound a little different because I’m a teen, but it probably is pretty similar to any other high-level athlete. The reason is this: while I strive to be the very best athlete I can possibly be, other aspects of my life are very important for me to set time aside for. Including school, mobility work, nutrition, family, friends, and church. It’s a balancing act, that’s for sure, but having a full and fun life is something that’s important to me in addition to CrossFit.

I have a 3.95 GPA and I aim to always be an academic athlete. I believe the two go hand in hand – the team at SWOLVERINE always talks about ‘living each day at your highest potential’ and I believe this applies to my life. I want to not only be good at the things that I do, but I want to be great. I dedicate my full self to everything I do because if you don’t, the outcome will never be as good as you want it to be. 

What advice do you have for other teens, who maybe don’t know about CrossFit, or are on the fence about joining a box?

DO IT! For any teens trying to make the CrossFit games or just competing in the sport in general, my advice is TRAIN SMART AND HAVE FUN, your young and have so much time ahead of you! When you have an injury or soreness, don't push it! So basically just think long term because you have a long life of fitness ahead of you😉 

There are a lot of companies out there, why do you trust SWOLVERINE to fuel your health and performance?

I choose SWOLVERINE because their products are natural, tasty and effective in my training, I have noticed a dramatic difference in recovery with glutamine and hypertrophy and it's an everyday thing for me now! I wouldn't be the same athlete without it honestly!

Who do you look up to most in CrossFit?

In the sport, I look up to Brent Fikowski, because he is the most positive guy I have ever met! He's funny, athletic and doesn't take things too seriously, he also has a tall body like me and struggles with the same movements, WE ARE SIMILAR ATHLETES and I want to be just like him in the Crossfit world! His positivity and happiness inspires others daily

Swolverine James Sprague CrossFit

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