Erin Vandendriessche - Swolverine Athlete

Tell us a little about you...

I am a certified sports nutritionist and RN. I started CrossFit in 2012. My husband and I opened our box, Root 18 CrossFit, right out of college.

Where did your fitness/athletic journey begin?

I was a gymnast up until I graduated high school and was a diver in college at Baldwin Wallace University.

What is your favorite part about CrossFit and the sport in general?

Every day is different! Every day serves as a new opportunity to get better.

Erin Vandendriessche - Swolverine AthleteWhat would people be surprised to know about you?

I worked in a hospital for 3 years working on a neuro floor as well as delivering babies!

What do you do outside of training/coaching?

I own a nutrition business, Body by EV where I provide a personalized nutrition experience to meet individual goals. Contact me today to get started!

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Body By EV - Root 18 CrossFit Nutrition Coaching - Swolverine

What is your favorite kind of dessert?

Donuts and cookies.

What's been your most memorable time as an athlete?

Winning the Italian showdown in Milan, Italy, and qualifying to compete at the 2019 CrossFit Games.

Erin Vanderdriessche - Swolverine Athlete - Italian Showdown

What have been some trying times in your athletic career and what have they taught you?

I broke my back and was out for 3 months at the beginning of this year. It taught me to listen to my body as well as the importance of patience.

Erin Vandendriessche - Swolverine Athlete Italian Showdown

What is your favorite thing to cook for dinner?

Beyond burger or Kodiak Cakes with peanut butter - can't really go wrong there!

What does your diet/nutrition look like?

I eat a lot. About 3,400 calories per day. I have been counting macros for ~3 years now and it's the best way for me to stay on track

Erin Vandendriessche - Swolverine Athlete

Tell us a little about your training regimen -- how do you prioritize your performance with the rest of your life? 

I train 5x per week, 3+ hours per day. Training is my top priority but I try to balance myself the best that I can

What is the biggest piece of advice that you've been given, that's made an impact on you as an individual, that you wish to share with others for their journey?

Trust the process and stay your own path!

Erin Vandendriessche - Swolverine Athlete

Why do you choose Swolverine

All the products are made with natural ingredients. What is listed on the label is exactly what is in the product

What are your favorite Swolverine products so far?

CLEAN CARBS and the Turmeric Capsules are my go-to products!

Swolverine Chantelle Loehner CrossFit

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