Em Loveday
Tell us a little about you… 

First, I’m ecstatic to be a part of this Team! My name is Em Loveday and I’m hungry for success in every aspect of my life. I try to laugh as hard as possible, often, and try to live a robust life.

I am a single mother of two (my most precious babies, who are growing SO fast), I work full time in the law field, and I’m training to become a firefighter. Between all of that, I found CrossFit about four years ago and have fallen head over heels in love for the sport, the community, the athletes, and pretty much everything about it. 

You haven’t always been the most stacked athlete, where did your CrossFit journey begin?

Nope – I haven’t. I’m not a very big person, at just five foot four inches, when I first got into CrossFit I weighed just 112 lbs.! It took me a long time to gain weight AND maintain it, let me tell you! But through proper nutrition and finding a maintainable lifestyle with my training, I’ve been able to gain some serious muscle mass. 
Em Loveday - CrossFit - Swolverine Athlete

There’s a lot of people out there who can relate to it being so hard to gain and maintain weight. What advice do you have for them?

I recommend having a healthy lifestyle. One where you’re mentally, emotionally, and physically happy. These will be your foundation upon which you build. From there, you’ve got to be willing to work for it. As easy as it is for the weight to come off, you’ve got to fight twice as hard to keep it on.

What does that mean?

That means eating nutritious foods in abundance, training hard, and going the extra mile so to speak. You’ve got to be willing to do the things you’ve never done to get where you’ve never been. It’s hard work, but if you can find the willingness and determination within yourself, you will be unstoppable! 

What other processes do you utilize to take advantage of your goals to make them into realities?

I believe it’s extremely important to reevaluating what goes wrong in your life and learning something from it to use as you move forward. Learning how to fix problems in your life, your nutrition, your training, and otherwise is the start of success if you ask me!

Can you give us an example?

Sure – I trained at a gym (mostly by myself) when I first started CrossFit and was only able to train for about an hour a day. One day, I decided to make the switch to a more competitive gym with a better schedule that fit my lifestyle, and man, what a difference it made! In addition to training, I didn’t eat properly or invest enough time in my recovery. By investing in these aspects of my life, combined with my drive and willingness to do things the right way, I have gotten a lot further. 

Em Loveday - CrossFit - Swolverine Athlete

What do you hope your children learn from your example?

Honestly, I want them to look at me and know in their heart and soul that through hard work you can accomplish anything. That nothing is given to you in life, and that you have to go out, with everything you have, and earn it. And that the reward of earning something for yourself will always be greater than it just being handed to you!

Em Loveday CrossFit Swolverine

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