Deanna Marie Gibaldi CrossFit Games Swolverine

Tell us a little about you…

My name is Deanna Gibaldi and I’m a full-time CF coach (CrossFit Green Point) and a full-time athlete. I reside in New York City and have a dog named Callie. I used to be a competitive cheerleader and fashion designer before dedicating myself to CF.

What are some of your athletic accolades/accomplishments?

In 2017 & 2018 my team went to the CrossFit Games and it was absolutely unreal. Anyone who’s had the chance to set foot on that competition floor knows the feeling, and let me tell you, it’s fueled a huger and a desire greater than ever before to return back there.


  • CrossFit L1
  • CrossFit Weightlifting
  • CrossFit Kids
  • The Brand-X Method Advanced Kids Training
  • First Aid


    • 2018 CrossFit Games Team (CrossFit Queens)
    • 2017 CrossFit Games Team (CrossFit Queens)

    Deanna Gibaldi - Swolverine CrossFit Games

    You seem like a pretty goal-oriented athlete, how do you set out to achieve them?

    Goal setting is extremely important to me – why do something if you don’t have the right expectations? Setting yourself up for success, having a goal in mind, and understanding that you are willing to do anything and everything to achieve it is key to not only my performance but that of any other successful individual (or so I believe!). While I have gone Regionals in 2018 on a Team, I’d love to qualify for Regionals (and maybe someday Games) as an individual. I love my CrossFit Queens Team and someday I'd like to go back to the Games with them, too.

    What are a few of the goals that you hope to accomplish by competing on a team?

    I want to bring as many people up and alongside me as possible – sharing those experiences with others will always be that much better than sharing it just with yourself. I think that is something that makes CF Team opportunities so much more special.

    You’re on the smaller side of girls in CrossFit, how have you used that to your advantage?

    You’re correct – I’m tall, a little lanky, and certainly lean. But instead of saying woe is me, I want to use my physical attributes to my advantage. I’m not the only smaller girl out there, and I want to be a voice and inspiration to other girls who have been told that ‘you can’t CrossFit because you’re too tiny’ or that ‘you’re too skinny’ or ‘you’re too manly to even look good in just a sports bra and shorts’.

    Why do you do CrossFit?

    I do it for myself, but I do it for them, the girls who look up to me, or who are looking for someone to look up to. When you’re put in a position to either break or grow, I will always choose to grow. I know somewhere out there, there’s a little girl looking up to me, saying “I want to be just like you”. That drives a lot of my motivation and hard work.

    Deanna Marie S - Swolverine - CrossFit Games - CrossFit Queens

    Can you elaborate a bit on your supplement and nutrition regimen?

    I began eating really clean when I first started CrossFit. Every Open I remember how my nutrition had changed – Paleo, to Zone Diet, to counting macros, to whatever really I wanted. But now, I think it’s important to listen to what my body wants and needs, rather than just trying the next trendy diet or nutritional lifestyle. I work with a nutritionist and we always find ways to create balance and harmony (I do love a good sweet treat!).

    So where do Swolverine supplements fit into your nutrition?

    I have always been on the natural side of supplements and this is where SWOLVERINE comes into the picture. With SWOLVERINE, I’m able to provide my body with the nutrients it needs for both overall health and performance without being excessive. I take both the vitamin/mineral line as well as protein, BCAAs, glutamine, arginine, and probiotics to help fuel my body. Supplements should always bridge the gaps in your nutrition, and both the SWOLVERINE Team & I agree – nutrition should always come from food, first.

    Deanna Marie CrossFit 2018 CrossFit Games Swolverine

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