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Tell us a little about you… 

Here’s a little bit about me, Danika Lawson. I’m a daughter, a sister, a fiancé, a friend, a firefighter, a coach, a Mom to 3 fur-children & all around just passionate about helping other people with their passions.

Were you an athlete in college?

Yes, I played Basketball in College. While I completed my MBA I ran Cross Country/Track & Field. I worked at Nordstrom and in the Dialysis field before becoming a Firefighter. After College, I took up Muay Thai & if I wouldn’t have found CrossFit I would have stuck with Muay Thai &andwould probably be in a ring fighting somewhere instead of throwing around weights at Sumner CrossFit!

You have a pretty robust background, what are your athletic aspirations looking like now?

My team and I went to the 2018 Regionals and I want to see just how far we can go while simultaneously being a mentality & physically prepared Firefighter. 

What is something, or some things, that motivate you every day?

1) How am I making myself a better teammate today for our Team (Am I working on a weakness? Am I helping others with their weaknesses)

2) How am I helping my body become a better firefighter & what am I doing to best prepare myself to serve our community. This is huge for me. My job requires me to physically be ready to serve every time I’m on shift & I use my CrossFit training to be physically & mentality ready to help my community.

If I can achieve those two things every day that I train then I know I am working towards my athletic aspirations & that I have a true purpose of my training.

Tell us about the first time you ever did the CrossFit Open.

Last year during the Open I was in the middle of a 12-week Fire Academy. I was only able to train CrossFit about 1x per week. When the 2017 Open came around every person I talked to had a reason why I shouldn’t do the Open. “You’re not in CrossFit shape.” “You could get hurt.” “You’ll only be disappointed in your results.” Despite all this, I signed up.

Why did you enjoy doing the CrossFit Open?

Competition fires up my soul & it is fun to throw down with your gym on Friday nights. Despite all the odds being against me I still somehow managed to pull off 34th place in our Region. I was asked to submit a video of 17.3 in case 13 people turned down their Individual invite. This did not happen but I am extremely proud of myself & the courage it took to sign up knowing that Firefighting was my main focus at the time. I think everyone should do the CrossFit Open.

What is your favorite SWOLVERINE product?

The Kre-Alkalyn by far! After using the product for just 1.5 weeks I already saw a HUGE improvement in my energy and recovery when it comes to my strength. I also love the Whey Isolate and the BCAAs.

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