CrossFit Athlete Danielle Dunlap - Swolverine

Tell us a little about you...

I'm Danielle and I'm a Swolverine athlete, full time CrossFit competitive athlete, wife, mother, and manager of Evolution Athletics.

What’d you do before CrossFit?

Before CrossFit, I was kind of in a dark place. I had graduated college with my degree in Health and Exercise Science & moved back in with my parents, was drinking a lot..I felt lost. I saw Sam Briggs win the 2013 games while I was working at Buffalo Wild Wings & said..I want to do that. I found a CF gym & signed up the next day. I was hooked.

Coaching Qualifications:

2017 Central Regional Indy Athlete
2018 Fittest Women in Iowa
Precision Nutrition Coach
Certified Level 2 CrossFit Coach
CrossFit Mobility Trainer
Certified Personal Trainer NCCPT
USAW Sports Performance Coach
Bachelor of Health and Exercise Science
Associate in Psychology

CrossFit Athlete Danielle Dunlap - Swolverine

Favorite kind of cookie?

My husband makes these amazing secret recipe chocolate chip cookies..fresh out the oven with some vanilla ice cream.

What drives you to work at the gym you train at?

I am currently the manager at Evolution Athletics. I do hope to one day own my own gym! But I love coaching, making the time that the members are here the best part of their day & learning what it takes to run a successful business!

Tell us a little about your athletic accolades?

Previous accolades would include Granite Games Individual Competitor 2016, GG Team 2017 & 2018, Central Regional Competitor 2017, WZA team 2018 & 2019, Fittest in Iowa 2018 & 5th at the Crash Crucible in 2020. 

CrossFit Athlete Danielle Dunlap - Swolverine

Now let’s learn about personal accolades, what’re some things you’re proud of accomplishing or overcoming in life?

I have been really blessed in this life with an amazing childhood, loving & hard working parents. I haven't had to overcome anything substantially hard and I contribute it to my family. But, I am super proud of the people that I have inspired to do a complete 180 with their health, by dialing in their nutrition, making exercise & living a healthy lifestyle a priority. 

What’s your go-to meal prep recipe? Or do you even meal prep?

Instant Pot rice, instant pot shredded adobo chicken with pineapple mango salsa. Or, I've been on a homemade salmon poke bowl kick. Basic 🤷‍♀️

CrossFit Athlete Danielle Dunlap - Swolverine

You’re new to motherhood - for the female athletes out there, can you tell us a little bit about your experience & offer any advice to those maybe looking to have children and not have to put their athletic goals on complete hold?

Regan was a complete surprise to my husband and I. I was decently fit at the time & felt a little frustrated I couldn't work out as hard as I wanted to. Biggest surprise to me was my doctor telling me I couldn't lift anything over 25#'s 😳, not that I had any complications but just because I was pregnant. I followed CompTrain at the time and listened to my body.

If certain movements didn't feel good, I would just modify them! I think fueling my body during this time was most important to me because I wanted to provide her with all the nutrients she needed to grow, so I got this awesome book called What to Eat When You're Pregnant by Nicole Avena. It broke down my pregnancy by the weeks & gave me the right micronutrients & foods to eat with recipes as well!

As far as coming back, everyone's birthing experiences are different so that's going to change when you get back into fitness. I would recommend just listening to your body. Fitness just provides that mental clarity & the endorphins made me feel better at a time where my hormones and sleep were all over the place. Listen to your doctor & listen to your body.

Favorite type of dessert?

Tell us all the goods! Anything sweet & handmade specialty.. ie: Salt & Straw Ice cream

CrossFit Athlete Danielle Dunlap - Swolverine

“Jacked Danielle’s” is your nickname, how’d this come about?

My husband and I were newly dating & I was going through a tough transitional time. He was trying to cheer me up, calling me all these badass names & jackeddanielles came to his mind because I liked Jack Daniels honey whiskey 🍯🥃

Any advice you can give to someone who is looking to get into CrossFit or functional fitness in general?

Find a gym with invested coaches & an inviting community. Coaches will help build you as a smart athlete & the community keeps fitness fun & challenging. 

CrossFit Athlete Danielle Dunlap - Swolverine

What products are your favorite from Swolverine?

I love the BCAA's, citrulline malate, whey protein, ACV gummies & all the vitamins!!! 

Why do you choose to be a Swolverine Athlete?

I take a lot of pride in putting in the hours training, in the kitchen with my nutrition, with my mental game & making sure I am recovering. When you make those lifestyle choices you want the best supplements to aid your performance & recovery. Partnering with Swolverine was an easy choice because they use clean ingredients & in proper doses where I actually have enough to receive the benefit of the product, no bullshit fillers. Plus the Swolverine team is filled with some pretty badass athletes & people, so it's awesome to be a part of that 😊

Swolverine Chantelle Loehner CrossFit

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