Andrea Nisler CrossFit OC3 Rogue Invitational Swolverine

Tell us a little about you…

What are some of your athletic accolades?

I have been doing CrossFit now since 2013. Since that time I have been able to go to the games 4 times in 2014,2016,2017 and 2018 with Timberwolf CrossFit and Team OC3 Black. My best finish with a team was this past year getting 3rd place. Other CrossFit events I have been a part of is the Dubai CrossFit Championship this past year, Granite Games the last 5 years and Wodaplooza for 3 years.

What have been some trying moments during your competitive CF career? What did they teach you? The most trying moment to date was last year when I tore my meniscus and ACL in January. I had surgery in February and had to be ready to compete for regionals in May. It was a hard winter. I spent hours and hours rehabbing and just learning how to walk again every day. I have never worked so hard at something and I am so happy I did. Now I definitely do not take movements, even air squats, for granted

What is it like being a successful business owner as well as an elite level athlete?

I'm still in my first month of owning the gym. It's been quite the month! However, I am learning how to take my training time and clear all gym related business from my mind during that training time. It is hard to separate the two because I do all of my training in the gym, but learning to separate the two lately has really helped my training move forward.  

Tell us the best piece of advise you can give someone looking to get into CF

Just taking the first step into the gym is amazing. Unfortunately I get a lot of people telling me that CrossFit is intimidating to them and they waited so long to even get the courage to come in. To that I say ANYONE CAN DO IT! We make all of our workouts so that everyone from complete beginner to elite level athlete gets a good workout in. To anyone considering trying CrossFit, do not hesitate to take that first step into the gym 

How do you give back or positively impact your CF community?

I'd like to think that everyday I positively impact them by encouraging everyone once they walk into the door. Whether we are doing a max lift or just a good old metcon there are victories that happen every day inside the gym that should be celebrated. Whether someone gets their first pull-up, looses a little bit of weight or just makes it through a rough work day and still finds a way to make it to the gym, they are all victories. I want to make everyone's time at the gym something they look forward to. This should be the one hour in the day that people get to solely focus on themselves.

Why do you choose to fuel with Swolverine?

It seems there are supplement companies popping up everywhere. However I feel like Swolverine puts an emphasis on creating clean products with athletes in mind. In particular, their whey and collagen protein I have found very easy to digest and the taste is amazing. They also offer a wide variety of products for every situation. The product line cannot be beat!

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