Amanda Hardeman - Swolverine CrossFit Athlete

Tell us a little about you…

My name is Amanda Hardeman and I’m a hard-working, genuine, thoughtful, and fun-loving chick who loves expressing myself through the sport of fitness.

  • 2018 Central Regional - Indy
  • 2017 Central Regional - Indy
  • 2016 Central Regional - Team

What are some of your accolades from being a competitive crossfitter?

I’ve qualified for Regionals three times, once as a team athlete and two times as an individual. It took me a while to build my confidence in this sport, but I try to focus only on what I can control and not worry about what my competitors do.

Were you an athlete before you started crossfitting?

Yes! Before I discovered CrossFit, I was an accomplished soccer player for 17 years. I was also an honorary competitive collegiate athlete at UC Irvine as a D1 Soccer player. But once I found CrossFit? I never looked back.

Amanda Hardeman - Swolverine Athlete

You’re a very invested member of your community at Westside Conjugate, how’d you get involved there?

After I found CrossFit initially and got out of college, I went out and pursued my level 1 CF coaching certification and I’ve been coaching for over 4 years now. I absolutely love being a part of people’s fitness journey and seeing them do things that they didn’t believe were possible.

Why have you chosen to partner with Swolverine?

I love Swolverine because you know exactly what you’re getting. What’s on the label is exactly what’s inside the bottle. Clean, simple, and transparent ingredients - there’s really no better way to fuel your body.

Swolverine Athlete Amanda Hardeman CrossFit

Are you interested in becoming a Swolverine Athlete? If you think you've got what it takes, click HERE to learn more about how to apply 


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