Alisha Stone


Tell us a little about you...

Hi! My name is Alisha Stone and I am a 22-year-old CrossFit Athlete and Functional Fitness Coach based in Portland, Oregon.

Where did your fitness/athletic journey begin?

My CrossFit journey began in 2015 at CrossFit Explosion. I was interviewing for a front desk position, and ended up in a third interview which happened to be a CrossFit workout! From there I was hooked and met my first CrossFit coach.

What’s your favorite part of your sport?

My favorite part by far is the community aspect. As much as I love everything else about CrossFit, I find that my most favorite moments are surrounded by my friends and family who support what I do.

Alisha Stone CrossFit Swolverine

What would people be surprised to know about you?

I am a pretty open person, but people may not know that I used to compete in competitive figure skating when I was young and considered doing long track speed skating.

What do you do outside of training?

I am definitely a social kind of person. I love hanging out with my different groups of friends, playing with my dog, and I am a big movie connoisseur. During the summer I waterski, wakeboard, and often times go boating with my friend. I’m also a huge nerd. Anyone who knows me knows that I have an unhealthy obsession with comic books and anything concerning the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In addition to that, I love watching sports of all kinds.

What’s your favorite kind of dessert?

Peanut Butter Milkshake. It is the best thing EVER!

I do also like Peanut Butter Protein Shakes! As with all my protein shakes I like to make them boujee by adding some ingredients 😎.

I personalize my shake with

  1. 2% Milk
  2. Smooth Peanut Butter
  3. Sweet Cream Coffee Creamer (GAME CHANGER)
  4. of course... @swlverine protein 🥜🍯 

Alisha Stone CrossFit Peanut Butter Protein Shake Swolverine

What’s been your most memorable time as an athlete?

There have been so many memorable moments, but as far as the MOST memorable was when I got the official email from CrossFit HQ that said that I was going to the CrossFit games. It’s been one of the highest achievements to date and continues to blow my mind each day.

Help Alisha raise funds for her 2020 CrossFit Games Trip

"I’m excited to be representing Kenya in the 2020 CrossFit Games! As the date comes closer, I’m looking for support for the costs of travel, lodging, etc. Every dollar helps; thank you for supporting the hard work and time I’ve dedicated to representing my motherland. Thanks for helping my dream come true!"

What have been some trying times in your athletic career so far and what have they taught you?

Other than the quarantine which is happening right now (lol), the 2019 CrossFit Open was a rough time for me mentally because I was probably the least confident in myself as far as whether I was “worthy” to be a CrossFit games athlete. I actually ended up not submitting my last two open workouts in an effort to circumvent my chances of winning. In my head, I doubted my efforts and strides to be a better athlete.

My coach, Hector Alcayde, and my close friend, Winnie Okoth taught me how to believe in myself again. They knew that my passion for the sport and hard work was something to take pride in rather than shrink away from.

In addition, they understood my anxieties about what others might think of me, but quickly reminded me that my dreams and wants in life should not be overshadowed by what others may think and ultimately it is my life and I am the only one who’s going to live it out.

Alisha Stone CrossFit Explosion Swolverine Athlete

Tell us a little about your accolades

My highest accolade to date is to be Kenya’s Fittest Woman. I’m Kenyan (I have dual citizenship) and my heritage is very important to me. The CrossFit community in Kenya is so uplifting, inspiring, and joyful. Every time I visit, I find that I learn so much more about my journey in this sport and what it means to be a coach and an athlete. Through having the support of my lovely friend and CrossFit coach, Winnie Okoth, along with everyone at CrossFit Kwetu, I’ve found strength and pride in representing my background.

What does your diet/nutrition look like?

At the moment, I am eating QUITE a bit. My diet tends to be lower in fats, and higher in protein and carbs because I’m fueling my body for performance. And of course, I use supplements too.

Alisha Stone CrossFit Explosion Swolverine Athlete

Tell us a little about your training regimen - how do you prioritize your performance with the rest of your life?

My training regimen has become pretty rigorous in the last 6 months. I train anywhere from 3-4 or even sometimes 5 hours a day. This takes a huge toll on my energy and requires that I make sure to supplement with the right products at the right times to maximize endurance and strength. As far as prioritizing, I find that my life and my athletic goals mesh really well. My friends' workout at the same gyms as I do and I coach at a functional fitness gym. So far my life has been pretty synced up as far as my day to day life goes.

What’s the biggest piece of advice that you’ve been given, that’s made an impact on you as an individual, that you wish to share with others for their journey?

I would like to share the advice that has gotten me through this season. Ultimately, you have to do what is beneficial and right for YOU. There will be critics and people who think that they know what’s best for you however, you are the only person that will face the ups and downs of the decisions you make. Go for what you want, and never live life with “what if’s” and regrets.

Alisha Stone Swolverine Athlete

Why do you choose Swolverine?

I choose Swolverine for a couple of reasons. The first is that they are local, and thus, a part of my CrossFit community and I love to support the people and businesses around me. Secondly, I TRUST and TAKE PRIDE that Swolverine cares for its clients and produces quality products. This is huge for me (not only because I am an athlete) but also because supplements are not regulated, and oftentimes that means that clean and quality products are hard to come by. As someone who cares about the things I put in my body (for in and out of competition), I can confidently say that Swolverine fulfills my goals for supplementation.

Alisha Stone Swolverine Athlete

What are your go-to Swolverine products?

The Glutamine and the Whey Protein (Cinnamon Honey Peanut Butter) have been AMAZING! I cannot wait to leave a review and refer clients to this protein. Not only is it super tasty, but I noticed when comparing it to other protein products that it has a higher level of transparency and standards.

Swolverine Chantelle Loehner CrossFit

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