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Tell us a little about you…

Hey there! Alisa Topper here. First name pronounced “uh-Lee-suh”, so most people call me by my last name. I grew up in the small town of Bowleys Quarters located in Maryland. I competitively wakeboarded for a few years before discovering CrossFit at Prodigy Fitness. As I said then, and as I say now, I want to show the world what female athletes can bring to the table. Not only through their strengths as an athlete, but through character as well. My life has had so much positive change since I began CrossFit in September 2017. Remember to be humble throughout your journey and strive to live life a little better with every day. One of my favorite quotes by @a.k.hasan_ , “If all your prayers were answered, would it change the world or just yours?” Think about it.

What are some of your athletic accolades? 


2016 - 1st Place Jersey Wake Off Women’s Division

2017 – 1st Place Regional Championships - Amateur Women’s

2017 – 1st Place National Championships – Amateur Women’s

2017 – 2nd place World Championships – Amateur Women’s

2018 – 3rd place Wootown Wakefest Women’s Division 


2018 – 3rd Place Dual Threat Throwdown 2 - Novice

2019 – 3rd Place Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge - Scaled

What have been some trying moments during your competitive CF career or life in general that have shaped you into the person you are today?

I joined CrossFit in September 2017 at Prodigy Fitness just a week or two after the Wakeboard World Championships in Canada in August 2017. I figured I could use CrossFit as an off-season training to stay in shape. Though I quickly became addicted to this new lifestyle and I took quickly to the industry. The most difficult time I have experienced so far is trying to find the time to keep up with training and to take care of daily life as well. Working full time and being a full-time student really put limits on my training schedule. Being able to overcome work and school schedules have been difficult, but worth the time I get to spend in the gym.

Most recently, I have been training with 3 members I met through Prodigy Fitness. One of whom moved to Texas for work and traveled back to Maryland to train for the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge. True motivation came from being able to see our strengths and weaknesses individually as athletes, and then to combine all of us on a team and see the true strength when we came together. Every single experience has shaped me into a better person and a more understanding athlete. I have met so many influential people, and they are just like you and I, only more experienced in their own way.  

You’re a very accomplished professional wakeboarder; how do you feel like this talent translates into your competitive training in CrossFit?

Though I do still have several sponsorships through wakeboarding, I think now it’s safe to say I’m no longer going the wake route or continuing more than just for fun at this point in my life. The climate I live in does not work in my favor, and the move to Florida did not pan out. I am 100% okay with this, because of where I am in life now. I do believe that having coordination and athletic ability from wakeboarding gave me a little boost starting off in CrossFit. I do believe that wakeboarding in front of crowds helped when competing in CF, all eyes are on you! Unnecessary cotton mouth for no apparent reason other than nerves, as soon as you hit the competition floor! Haha.

Tell us the best piece of advice you can give someone looking to get into CrossFit?

Do not be intimidated. Let your hesitation wash away long enough to give it a try. We all start somewhere. In just a year I have traveled to numerous boxes across the east coast and every single one was welcoming with their own wonderful community. You can always improve on something and there is always something new to learn. Do not worry about how great the people around you are, but worry about how much greater you are today than you were last month, last year. Every box is its own little slice of Heaven.

How do you give back or positively impact your CrossFit community? 

The best way to give back is to help support local boxes when they host competitions, events, fundraisers, etc. The more you travel, the more word spreads for these events and gyms. When you support your local gyms, you’re building positive relationships and expanding the community between all. 

Why do you choose to fuel with Swolverine? 

I am big on companies that create an honest connection with their fans, athletes, events, and customers. Swolverine has been an amazing company who has maintained support levels even through big company changes, and even for my own personal changes. I felt overwhelmed with work and school over the last year, and Swolverine continued to cheer me on as an athlete. When the time felt right to reach out again, I was welcomed back with open arms. 

Not only are they a wonderful company made up of an amazing crew, but their product is amazing. My top favorites are the collagen protein and BCAA’s. I can mix my collagen with anything I want because it is unflavored, and the BCAA’s are absolutely delicious and leave me feeling fueled and refreshed through my training. There are so many options to help fuel your body. Not just their supplements are amazing, but their blogs as well. So many people are uneducated on what you really need to fuel you or to properly feed your body. I am absolutely amazed at the research and information provided in each blog. Swolverine remains unbiased in their endeavors, which is huge for relations.

Alisa Topper CrossFit - Swolverine

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